Why Go To College?  If you are going to college, do it for the right reasons.

If you have an active and curious mind, if you are an explorer of ideas, if you are an anthropologist of new social perspectives, if you want to surround yourself with vigorous intellectual debate and fascinating people who want to share with you the range of perspectives of how the World works, THEN college is an amazing place to be.

If HOWEVER: 1. you are ambivalent about college; 2. if you are going just because you assume that school is just a transactional engagement with you being passively present and the teacher filling your brain with knowledge; 3. if you think college will prepare you for the future just because you attend; 4. if you think college is where you go as a reward for achieving a solid high school transcript and it is your reward; 5.  and/ or if you think it is an essential badge for getting your first job, THEN college isn’t the right place for you to be, YET!

You must be really ready to actively soak up the vigorous energy and concentrated intellectual world of college!   If you aren’t, TAKE A GAP Year . 

Discover the World and take the time to deeply consider what your place is in this World. Refresh your mind and separate yourself from your static social cocoon. Dive into new cultures and different ways of seeing the World through the eyes of others.

 Colleges love Gap Year students. Colleges know they are much more focussed and engaged in the intellectual and unique cultural life colleges offer. 

The Gap Year will set you up for a purposeful, fascinating and invaluable college experience; to soak up new ideas, create new and important life-long relationships and prepare yourself for the complexities of the future World. Entering college as an “adult”, self-propelled by curiosity, self-agency and purpose gets you much more bang for your tuition buck and opens your mind to the unique and concentrated opportunities of a true and deep college experience. And it means you will be much more ready to take on the profound transformations roaring toward you.

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