Future Careers

This is a speculative list of possible future careers.  Some of these exist today or are on the horizon. Others are anticipated and will come into existence as modern effects unfold: that of – advanced technologies, environment changes, evolution of global economies, unsustainable  access to essential resources,  and morphing of political communities reactioning to these  effects. This list is extensive but not complete. 


Remote Surgeon

Medical Roboticist


Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


Health Coach

Medical Sonographer

Genetic Counselor

Microbial Balancer

Lip Designers

Clone Ranchers

Body Part & Limb Makers

Memory Augmentation Therapists

Memory augmentation surgeon

Respiratory Therapist

Organ Agents

Octogenarian Service Providers


Stem Cell Researcher

Custom Implant Organ Designer

Massage Therapist


Home Health Care Aide

Healthcare Navigator

Multi-Region Healthcare Coordinator


End of Life Therapist

Dream Specialist

Quantified Self Personal Trainer

Artificial Intelligence Programmer


Health Services Manager

Medical Records Administrator


Amnesia Surgeons



Classroom avatar manager

Distance Education Consultant

Hackschooling Counselor

Speech-Language Pathologist

Social Education Specialists


Aerospace Engineer

Drone Dispatchers

Robotics Technician

Robot Counselor

Makeshift Structure Engineer

Robot Polishers


Nano-Weapons Specialists

Welding Technologist

Simulation Engineer

Virtual Reality Tech Support

“Heavy Air” Engineers

Laboratory Technician

Seed Production Technician

Technical Writer



Transportation Engineer

Auto-Transport Analyst

Space Tour Guide

Inter-space commercial pilot

Elevated Tube Transport Engineers

Robocar Traffic Controller

Auto Mechanic (Electrics Only)


Organic Food Producer

Food scientist

Plant Educator

Urban Shepherd

Urban Agriculturalists

Urban Farmer

Vertical farmers

GM or recombinant farmer

Aquaponic Fish Farmer




LEED Certified Architect

Sustainable Urban Planner

Community Service Manager



Art Museum Curator

Ecosystem Auditor

Energy Resources

Solar Technology Specialist

Regional Grid Director

Renewable Energy Engineer

Renewable Energy Technician

Wind Turbine Installation Technician

Wind Turbine Repair Technicians

Space-Based Power System Designers

Mass Energy Storage Developers

Energy Resources Engineer

Biorefinery Plant Manager

Resource Management



Plant Psychologists

Waste Management Consultant

Garbage Designer


Robotic Earthworm Drivers

Mining Resource Specialist


The Environment

Ecotourism Travel Guide

Carbon Capture Technician

Earthquake Forecasters

Geo-engineers – Weather Control Specialists


Water development specialists

Climate Change Mitigators



Cyber Security Specialist

Information Security Analyst

Media Search Consultant

Data Technologist

Data Scientist

Interface Designer

Site Acceleration Engineer

Computer Forensics Analyst

Quality Assurance Engineer

Cloud Computing Engineer

Cloud Architect

Digital Detox Therapist

Internet Crack Team Volunteer

Gamification Designer

Media Re-mixer

Casual Game Developer

Integrated Digital Media Specialist

3D Printing Engineers

Social Media Architect

Enterprise Mobile Developer

Global System Architects

Waste Data Managers

Smart Dust Programmers

Mobile Application (App)  Developer

 Business & Regulation

Tax Examiner

Business Architect

Simplicity Expert

Biofilm Installer

Business Colony Managers

Competition Producers

Sustainability Officer

Regulatory Compliance Officer

Cultural Skill Sherpa

Small Business Owner

Employment Recruiter

Intelligence Analyst/ Commercial Analyst

Book-to-App Converters



Financial Engineer

Sarbanes-Oxley Specialist

Alternative Currency Speculator

Alternative Currency Bankers

Blockchain Optimizer

Crowdfunding Specialist

Seed Capitalists

Quantitative Finance Analyst

Sharia Financiers

Protective Services

Neighbourhood Watch Officer

Corrections Officer

Data Hostage Specialists

Quarantine Enforcer


Virtual Services Worker

Personal Digital Curator

Digital Death Manager

Augmented Reality Architects

Time Brokers – Time Bank Traders

Avatar Designers

Avatar Relationship Managers

Productivity Counselors

Privacy Managers

Privacy Consultant

Skype Staging

Meme Agent

Personality Services

Vicarious Videographer

Smart Contact Developers

New Science Philosopher-Ethicists


Prison System Dismantlers .

Hospital and Healthcare Dismantlers.

Income Tax System Dismantlers.

Government Agency Dismantlers.

Education System Dismantlers.

College and University Dismantlers.


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Future Planning for Millennial and Z-Generation Students Mentoring High School to College and Transitioning through College to Career Students
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