The Future of Work/Careers and Social Purpose 2018-2050

I haven’t written this blog for quite a long time.  I have been struggling with finding a focus that has meaning to me and merit to others. Much of my work in the past has been focussed on a general conversation about what the unfolding forces in the new future will increasing add pressure on the next several generations.  My focus has shifted, to a broader multi-generation frame.

Having 3 very young grandchildren who will inherit this Earth we leave them is what has shifted my engine of purpose. And that is: What talents, skills, strengths, attitudes, perspectives, reflections and sense of shared destiny will be necessary for them breath into their beings

to have a chance to live in their future World with the same opportunities, hopes and expectations we had; that of continuing to live in a civil society,  founded on the liberal classical American democratic model embraced by the Founders – a model underpinned by a commitment to equality for all and respect for human dignity and human rights; our children will need to re-establish the balance in civil and political discourse and commit to compromise in governance; they will need to tamp down the gross aspects of human greed and perverse drive for power – to the harm of the vast majority of the World’s human and non-human populations; and they will need to rediscover the essential humanity embedded in the human species, by knowing in their bones that always seeking common ground of purpose and beliefs is not only possible but absolutely essential for survival.  We  live on one Earth, it is our home and our lifeboat – and that it is just fragile enough to ecologically fracture.

It has become an existential moment for humans and our children and grandchildren are inheriting this from us. 

One last comment on this blog entry:

I find that we the baby-boomers were going to save the World from the horror and damage our parent’s created, exquisitely ironic. Listen to our songs; Dylan, CSNY, Hendrix, Baez, the list is long. We committed to peace, to shared purpose, to a clean and human environment, to respect for each other and the essential goodness of humanity.  We are leaving with confusion, deep social fractures, global pollution, the denigration and abandonment of vast populations of hopeless people, and an economic and social burden which is profoundly destructive to the very people we say we love and care for: our children and grandchildren. 

What sloppy, thoughtless, narcissistic adolescents we were then and still remain.

A lousy job!  And a mess for others to clean up!

* Other blog entries will follow in a series of  discussions of the forces that are presently and increasingly will pressure the human cultures and societies to scramble to manage; Forces that are creating the new World of challenge and opportunity. There is hope but it will require a new way of thinking and managing our lives.


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