Future Work/Careers – 1.1

Sorry, I should have left you with some tasters of the sort of work that might be out there in the future. Actually, a few already exist and will continue to exist even as many existing today will disappear. Here are only a few:

Health Coach


Clone Ranchers

Memory Augmentation Therapists

Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Robot Counselor

Makeshift Structure Engineer

Auto-Transport Analyst

Robocar Traffic Controller

Urban Farmer

Ecosystem Auditor


Robotic Earthworm Drivers

Mining Resource Specialist

Carbon Capture Technician

Earthquake Forecasters

Computer Forensics Analyst

Media Remixer

Integrated Digital Media Specialist

Augmented Reality Journey Builder

Cyber City Analyst

Personal Data Broker


There are 100’s of possible new careers that coming change will create, many of which will then fade as others rapidly, are newly created to meet demand. Developing new skills and lifelong learning will be inevitable for anyone who wants to continue to work and have a viable and productive life.  Expect to have 20 or more careers or modifications of careers in your next 20-50 years of work. Change and Gig are the by-words.

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Future Planning for Millennial and Z-Generation Students Mentoring High School to College and Transitioning through College to Career Students
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