Opposite Direction: Today’s political and social wrangling deflect and set back serious action in the face of profound Future Disruptions. Time is running out fast!!

All of the political mayhem the USA and around the World is sucking the energy out of focussing on the enormous issues and disruptions that humans need to prepare for NOW; occurring in the present and increasingly in the future.

Educating ourselves and our children and their children to think and behave differently, creatively, with thoughtfulness and deep critical analysis about how to manage the: technology innovations; the ethical and destructive implications of continuing to ignore the coming disruptions in society; the threat to social and nation-state and global cohesion and human well-being – is absolutely pathetic and so human-like (we are flawed beings).

Not realizing that the whole World will be impacted is the Ostrich Effect.  “It might happen to others but not to me and my family!”  Tribalism is our undoing. Thinking like a victim is no protection. Thinking we are immune because of high status or exceptionalism is no safe haven. 

Rich, poor, white sheltered suburban, white entrepreneurial, non-white, non-American… all can’t nor will anyone be able to escape this deluge of change.

What we can do is start to behave with intelligence knowing that we are all in the same boat. Profound Technological Innovation changes the workforce dynamic, the way we as a local, regional, national and global society will relate and value ourselves; as collaborators pulling together or as shredders of the fabric of societal networks which connect, stabilize and secure all realms of human experience.

Global Climate Change impacts everyone, the resulting conflicts – for land, resources, safety – all of us, everyone,  everywhere, will feel the hard reality of significant disruptive changes. There will no longer a  “getting back to the good old days” or “making American Great Again”.

We squandered those days and ignored realities right before our eyes. And our children and grandchildren and their children will pay for our self-absorbed, self-important thoughtlessness.

The high minded, righteousness of the Woodstock Nation became bankrupt and slewed around through complacency and the allure of   socio/economic status and self-importance. 

The USA is NOT an ISLAND. It is part of a whole interconnected global system, ecologically and digitally interwoven. We all rise or fall together.

AND Building the Bunker won’t save anyone. It just prolongs the inevitable.

So we all need to pull ourselves together, and know the Future is as important to our families, our grandchildren and their children and future society – as getting through the present, as squabbling and yowling, destructive adolescents.
Fools we are.

Fools will we always be??

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Future Planning for Millennial and Z-Generation Students Mentoring High School to College and Transitioning through College to Career Students
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