Time to Grow Up

We are living in an increasingly small world, with borders and siloed thinking becoming the default reactionary behavior and damaging to the social, economic and environmental health of the entire world system. “First World” societies have been far too complacent and self-absorbed to pay serious attention to the reality that we are all in this together.

If we don’t grow up and build an expanded sense of shared circumstance, the continued devolution of social systems and enlightened cultural development, impacting every level of socio-economic stata, will simply broaden and deepen.

This is the world we gift our children and children’s children. Time to grow up and take responsibility! Trashing, factionalizing and trivializing “the other” is self-destructive and leads to profound damage to all. Tribal thinking is the sanctuary of the primitive and frightened. It’s time to become brave, courageous, empathic, inclusive and thoughtful.

So stop following the easy path of finger-pointing and being the victim. Be responsible for your own behavior, and the welfare of not only your family, but also for the wonderfully diverse and dynamic community, society and global communities that you, me, we all live in.

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Future Planning for Millennial and Z-Generation Students Mentoring High School to College and Transitioning through College to Career Students
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